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Mane Event Horse Expo Scottsdale, March 30, April 1, 2018 for details.

I will be presenting a seminar on Dressage at the Mane Event in Scottsdale, AZ!  This event will be held t at the world class facility of WestWorld in Scottsdale Arizona on March 30 and April 1.

The tentative topics include:

Improve your Lower Level Test

How to train, by using exercises to make it happen. I will explain how the movements are supposed to look like, but most of all; How to do it. It’s important to know what the reason is to do it in a certain way, because it’s a building block to the next level.


Thinking Outside the "Dressage Box"

To think outside the box, by using cones and ground poles and coming up with different exercises; makes it more challenging for the rider, band more interesting for the horse ,it’s fun and exciting to see how a movement suddenly becomes a challenge that has to be ridden in certain way. Even a 20 M circle, can suddenly become a challenge! Good for riders that has to work without a trainer, or regular help, as well as anyone!!


Getting Your Horse On The Bit & Thinking Forward

Horses needs a challenge, they like to solve problems, and will easy get bored by riders doing the same kind of riding day in and day out. I will once again use the cones and ground poles, to make the horse interested in the work. They have to think forward to work more correct and it will be easier to get your horse on the bit. The exercises will make them be more interested in the daily work.


Looking Closer at Lateral Work from Leg Yield to Half Pass

We will find lateral movements all the way, in every test, from First level to GP. The lateral movements are so important for so many things. Suppleness, honest to the rider’s aids, loose and on the bit. I will go through them all and explain the different between a leg yield and a half pass, and how to ride the movements, as well as shoulder in and haunches in.


Putting it All Together - Upper Level Work

Showing what all the work in the other sessions this weekend will lead to. By seeing the result of all the basic work, that work will make more sense to do it correct from the beginning. You can’t read a book if you don’t know the alphabet, and that’s the same in riding. If you don’t have a strong foundation, you can’t build it up. I hope to show you a working day with an upper level horse.

Over the last several years, The Mane Event has hosted some of the best and most knowledgeable horse trainers and educators from North America and beyond! We pride ourselves on providing education on cutting edge training methods, equine health, equine entertainment and of course one of the largest and most diverse equine only trade show for your shopping pleasure.

Informational clinics from some of the top trainers available to provide information on how to improve your riding skills, training or handling of your equine partner. No matter if it’s in Jumping, Dressage, Reining, Barrel Racing, Back Country Rides, Driving or General Horsemanship you will see it at The Mane Event.

Presentation & Seminars
Up to date presentations from a variety of vendors, veterinarians and experts on Saddle Fitting, Supplements, Nutrition, Health, Travel and new products.

Equine Experience
Our schedule is packed with clinics/presentations designed to educate and entertain the horse enthusiast and when your brain is full you can kick back and relax and watch our Equine Experience show on Saturday night for the unique presentation of local drill teams, trainer performances, trick riding and much more!.

Equine Only Trade Show
Our always popular Equine Trade Fair has some of the largest and best vendors providing some of the best equine shopping under one roof. There is something for everyone, whether horses are your passion or you are just beginning your horse journey. Come out and experience The Mane Event!

Unfortunately due to negligent dog owners not picking up after their dogs we have no choice but to not allow dogs at the Mane Event in the Trade Show or Arena Buildings.

Join us for some great times and meet up with old and new friends!